The cast & creative team of "Boy Bands, EH?": L to R: Bohdan Onushko, Tai Wong-Clayton, Amanda Pereira, Andrew Pearson, Moulan Bourke, Bailey Dalton, Eric McDace, Tess Barao, Dustin George & Susan Waycik

artistic director


Bohdan Onushko

Assistant Producer - "Generation Why?"

Bohdan is a Toronto based actor, singer, dancer, food and wine lover, and Instagram enthusiast. Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Bohdan moved to Ontario to pursue theatre, where he graduated from the St. Lawrence College Music Theatre Performance program. Upon graduation, Bohdan moved to the bustling city of Toronto where he continues to further his acting career.

He had a great time working alongside his most trusted confidant for the cabaret series "Generation Why?". Selected credits include: Principle Dancer "Songs for a New World", Bobby "Cabaret" (First Act Productions), UPS Guy/Dance Captain "Legally Blonde" (SLC Stage). He would not be here today without the undying support of family, friends and C. You can see more of Bohdan on all relevant social media @bohdanonushko

In addition to his work with Waycik Productions he continues his own work as a singer-songwriter. He is also in the midst of writing a biographical comedy show based on his life as a bi-racial person. Tai hopes to one day go from Waycik to Lasik to cure his blindness.